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[Hope's Peak Academy] : Hanabusa Michisaki by Mielluu [Hope's Peak Academy] : Hanabusa Michisaki by Mielluu

Basic Information

◊Hanabusa, Michisaki

◊17 years old

◊ 5’5

◊ 116 lbs


Date of Birth:
◊24th October


◊ Super High School Level Graphic Artist
A girl who had taken the whole country’s perspective on Graphical Arts and Web Developing into a higher level – a fitting description which deserves Hanabusa, Michisaki a 17- year old Web Artist and Developer.

Hailing from a family of prolific artist in the Nagoya Prefecture, Michisaki was notable for her numerous iconic designs for popular company brands and web pages as well as designs and illustrations for many popular books not only known wherein the country but in abroad as well. Her first masterpiece, a 10-minute channel signature for her father’s own printing company has earned several praises and acknowledgement from a number of art critics and video enthusiast around the globe, making her one of the first young artist to fit in the competitive world of graphic design and web interfaces at her age of 10.

Michisaki was currently working as a part-timer in her father’s own company as a Graphic artist and illustrator of some books and advertising posters published and printed in there. Equipped with her vast knowledge on photo and video editing soft wares, digital art programs and Web developing coding, she was indeed a person to watch out in the digital art industry for the coming years.

◊Pictographic Memory
◊Stress management and Speed work mechanism
◊Programming for the internet
◊Video editing and creation
◊Drawings and Digital art
◊Photography and Videography

◊Japanese || Nagoya, Japan

Extra Features:
◊Has a tattoo in her right shoulder
◊Most often wears contacts
◊Has a piercing on her belly button


Personality and Background

◊Creative- Obviously, LOL. Michisaki is the type of person who thinks that “Imagination is better than Knowledge” maxim. She usually thinks that if there is a logical way of solving a problem, there is also a creative way of doing so.

◊Adaptive- Michi is able to adapt in her new environment gradually. She can also able to cope up with stress and problems it may bring to her and is a good multi-tasker, able to work on different things simultaneously. Though her mood disorder often intervenes in her adaptation process, she can always redeem herself back once she calmed down and relaxed.

◊Twisted- Her logic and reasoning is blurry and twisted, and most likely require someone to read between her weird lines. She often uses metaphor and similarities from books and other references to state her view on things and events happening around her.

◊Out-going and Energetic- She’s most preferably hyperactive if that is the case. Michi is talkative and likes to socialize, though her real intention was only to observe human behavior and attitude.

◊Secretive- Despite being all out-going and talkative, she resents blabbering anything about her or anything too personal.

◊Blunt-Mouthed- She has a hard time determining the right choice of words and the kind of person who “states what she observes”

◊Passive- She is slow in determining the social mood of people. Though despite being sociable at first sight, she has difficulty reading what other people feel and is rendered apathetic in most cases. Michi is the type of person who can stare and smile back at you even if you hit, stab or hurt her and can most likely lie in a straight face.

◊Liar- Impulsive liar, a trait she most likely incorporates with her secretive self. She dislikes telling people what she really feels because for her, it is not something any random person should meddle at.

◊Moody- Her mood is able to change from time to time. Michisaki has a case of bipolarity which makes her unable to cope up with her mood right away. She may be feeling well and good while being so hyper and happy by an hour but later on turns around being depressed and impulsive by the next minutes.

Likes and Dislikes:
+Art and Photography
+Modern Technology
+Competitive Marketing
+Martial Arts
+Music, particularly bands and mix taping
+Sea Foods and Vegetables
+Work and Creativity
-People who meddles in her personal life
-Art and Illustrations that are just “passable” and is rendered effortless
-Her mood swings
-Being judged ill
-Being underestimated
-People who self-deprecates
-Overly-optimistic people
-Getting comments about her looks
-Pork Fat
-Reptiles (any sort of them)
-Those who push their ideals and cannot accept opinions

Additional Information:
◊Has a case of mild Bipolarity
◊Is mostly expressive in her clothing and doesn’t mind wearing anything she prefers
◊She once tried out as a school idol in her middle school years but left due to circumstances
◊Is a workaholic and enjoys stress and competition
◊Her favorite clothing is hoodies
◊She is a dog lover and owns a Siberian husky
◊She wears contacts too often so her eye color changes from time to time
◊Somehow she is interested to learn fine arts and realism in her future years
◊Her favorite book genre is Sci-Fi and Horror


◊Hayami Saori:…


◊Michisaki was born in the eve of October 24th, at the Hanabusa residence to a business man and a system’s analyst in Nagoya, Japan. Her father, a business man, owned a printing press company and digital art studio was a natural artist and enthusiast and was a prolific man with a dynamic passion for both arts and business; while her mother was a determined and goal-oriented system’s analyst who works full-time in an electronics company. Due to her father’s passion, Michi was influenced to move in the same pace as her father in the field of digital art and graphic design. At her age of 5, she gradually tried to learn and understand the basic of arts herself and slowly paced her way learning the craft of digital design. When she reached 9 years old, she was able to use different softwares and programs that can create illustrations and designs basically due to her father’s education and teachings. By the age of 10, she was already able to render her best work, a 10-minute video as an advertising catalyst for her father’s company.

When Michi started her middle school years, her father decided to get her a web developer tutor and programmer to hone her skills in her chosen craft. She was later able to pace fast enough and catch up with her father’s employee levels. Her father later on decided to let her work hands on in his company when she turned 14 years old.

After getting her hands on dirty being able to work inside his father’s own company, numerous amounts of companies rendered her artistic service to create iconic logos and banners for their company and posters as well as allowing her to create video adds for them.Michi had taken the word “Graphic Artist” in a wider level in her skill and talent . . .

RP Sample:
She rubbed her eyes gently as she slowly wakes up from an unexpected slumber.

Michisaki found herself lying on a bed inside a closed room where there are no windows that allows the sun to enter. The squares, which might have been windows was closed down and was nailed tightly by screws. She shoved herself up, waking finally into her senses, only able to found out she was guarded by security cameras everywhere.

She gulped. The look of the place, gave her a tingle in her spine and a drop of sweet. She was clueless, was this really Hope’s Peak Academy she was in?

She decided to move now and investigate. Looking for some more students like her, her feet led her inside the school gymnasium, only to caught a glimpse of students like her in frantic and stress.

“Welcome to Hope’s Peak Academy you bastards…” a weird black and white stuff bear sprang out from the stage’s pulpit, “I am Monokuma, the headmaster of this academy. I now begin you high school life of despair! Upupupu~”

“De-despair?” The other students shockingly inquired, “What do you mean by that, why are we locked up in here?”

“The high school life of mutual killing!!!” the bear laughed and stared sadistically at the students before his eyes, “If you wanted to escape, just kill somebody and that will be your ticket to see the outside world again.”

The bear left, leaving the students in desperation. Michi laughed sarcastically as she scratched her nape and looked at everyone else in the room. “Ahahehehe~ well, the stuff bear was kidding right… there’s no way we---“ she halted her speech and stopped her weird out laugh, hastily forming a fist and clenched her teeth, ”No, this one is for real…”


Jack Nomrad - Michi scared him while he was walking down the halls. Michi dislikes him to some extent, she's not pretty much comfortable around him or being with him. He made Michi have goosebumps.

Simon Banks- He's a great carpenter, and Michi likes him. So far, she thinks of him as her closest friend in HPA. They are cooking buddies and Michi taught him how to bake cookies, he taught her how to build in exchange.

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Michi: //walks around with a smile on her face, looking around the new environment's vicinity while trying to memorize the school's blue print.// Geez, I wonder what they're up to. //sighs and stops by to take a drink from the soda can she's holding.//
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Mielluu Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Michi: //mimics Monobear// Upupupu~ what do we have here. //JUMPS out suddenly// WAAAHHH!!!!!
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