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May 1, 2013
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[P.M]: Razor by Mielluu [P.M]: Razor by Mielluu
App for :iconproject-melancholic:. I cannot resist. I must try.

EDIT 5-2-13: He has an ask account: [link]

I hope I'll get accepted.

I GOT ACCEPTED!!! :iconyaybunnyplz:

:iconloveloveplz: RP Please~

~I RP Via:
:note: Notes
Skype: Pyo-chama

⋄Shwarz, Lynard Herz


⋄19 years old



☢Eye Colour/Hair Colour:
⋄Reddish Brown || White

⋄6'1 || 185 lbs



⋄Twin daggers hidden on both sleeves
Usually used in basic hand-to-hand combat and opening locks and doorways

⋄Dark and Shady Places
⋄Blades and sharp objects
⋄Transporting Stuffs
⋄Being on missions
⋄Observing People
⋄Silent Places
⋄Horror Books
⋄Completely random informations
⋄Travelling cross-contry
⋄Jackets and over-alls
⋄Dazing out and fantasizing
⋄His Smart phone (stolen //slapped)

⋄The sunlight
⋄His given name
⋄Showing off his face
⋄Loud outrageous noise that disturbs his inner peace
⋄Giving him nicknames
⋄Being ordered what to do
⋄Disturbing him in his meal time or sleep
⋄Very sweet food
⋄The scent of citrus

⋄ Razor, as he goes comfortably by that name has a mild case of SPD (Shizoid Personality Disorder) which make him uninterested in social relationships and spends on a solitary lifestyle. His case of SPD, characterizing him to be very secretive, aloof, apathetic and cold towards others developed through severe emotional breakdowns that happened in his past.

He often lacks the sense of emotion, as he has difficulty of portraying his feelings effectively. He is overly reserved, quiet and dense and is utmost blunt in conversations. There were as well cases, that he observed to be dazed out and day dreaming and has a short span of attention in his auditory sense. When he is alone, he often spends his time under the shade, covering his eyes from the rays and doing weird eccentric mannerisms when he came accross things that peaks his interests.

⋄Concealment- He used the advantage of having SPD to conceal himself in the crowd and to silently creep in and do his missions. This is pretty much helpful as well in spying targets as his silence doesn't seem to disturb others and his prescence is always under noticed

⋄Weapon Handling- This was developed when he was 15, the time when he worked under a big narcotics dealer as a transporter of illegal drugs. During that time, he was taught how to handle weapons, how to dismantle them as well as to use them in theft purposes. (picking up locks, opening vaults etc.)

⋄Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat- same explanation as the Weapon handling. He knows a few (at least basic) hand to hand combat and self defense.

⋄Pick Pocketing and Theft- He has fast hands that enables him to snatch out things he might need when he is at work. Plus was his large overall and multi-pocket pants that allows him to hide the stolen stuff.

⋄Pictographic Memory and Mimicry- He has this weird fascination on observing people and tends to mimic their movements and voice. (it fails miserably in projecting the emotions though. )

⋄Sunlight- He has a genetic case of mild Albinism. (reason why he has white hair and reddish eyes) This prevents him from getting soak up in the sunrays and do missions that requires him to go on very sunny places. He has innate Photophobia, an abnormal intolerance into his perception of light.

⋄Short-termed Attention Span- He has short-term attention span in terms of his auditory sense and most often requests that person to write it down for him to read.

⋄Lack of Emotion and Misinterpretation- His SPD gave him the lack of emotion and often leads of his misinterpretation on certain things. This often leads him to deviate from his missions when he gave up on it as an interest.


⋄"Bitte schreiben Sie es auf."- (Please write it down)"
⋄"Anywhere Sunlight Safe."
⋄"I am not an alien, I'm just born white."

⋄To find his long missing father and to find the answer behind their family's bankruptcy.

☢Dark Secret:
⋄Up unto this time, he was still searching out for that one witness on the crime he committed. Long before he got recruited, he once worked under a drug dealing company. A misunderstanding grew in there, causing him to berserk and kill the leader unintentionally. No one knew about his deed, but yet, he had a strong feeling that someone knew it was him as he constantly receives death threats from anons and flies away from killing attempts.

⋄Lynard was the 1st son of a rich man and a woman who was brought together not by love but because of their duties to the family business. His father, a supposed heir to a bankrupting business company was forced out to marry his mother just for the case to save the assets. The family had 3 kids, and him being the first born son.

When he was about 11 years old, his father went out to attend an international business meeting amongst with the others, leaving both the company and children under the care of their mother. It was supposed to be a three-day conference, but a week has already passed out and there had been no sign of his father coming back. His mother was then forced out to pursue managing the comapny yet things didn't turned out good as the woman has engaged herself in alcohol and gambling.

Six months prior to the events, the case of his father missing and his mother felling down to vises, the company fell into bankruptcy. The family later on suffered into poverty as the savings has ran out dry because of his mother's misuse. As a last hopeless resort in to survive and to make both ends meet for his siblings, the now 13 year old Lynard ventured out to earn things and money.

As he find his own ways to live, he met a guy one day. This guy offered him a job with a very good pay. As he is just a kid, he believed that Lynard could not possibly be suspected, so he asked him to become a transporter into people that serves as his "customers". Tempted, Lynard agreed to the man's condition and worked for him in exchange for money.

A few months later, he was then able to save up enough to retrieve his other siblings and rent a small space apartment.There, they continue to live alone knowing that their mother was already dead due to her addiction.

Years had passed. Lye, came back home to see his siblings but horror had awaited his sight. He ended up seeing his siblings murdered and killed by the person who gave him the job. Confused, he confronted him and he answered back that the reason why he killed Lye's siblings was because they were hindrances on the latter's job and they must be eradicated in order for him to perform his duties effectively. Enraged, Lye impulsively killed him with his own hands.

That act caused him to hide away from the society and he continued on receiving a no. of threats for his own life. He continued on transferring locations and travelling all-across Europe to hide from the assassins that wants to kill him. This made him both as a rogue and a theif that strives his way to survive.

That gave him the feeling of hide and seek and the hunted who hunts his hunter . . .

. . . and the discovery of P-M enticed his senses to play his own deadly game.


☢Fun Facts:
⋄His born with Albinism
⋄He has SPD which developed through his experience and most probably because of losing his kins
⋄He gets amused by certain things easily, be it be normal or extraordinary
⋄He is often seen dazing out or playing games in his phone and is not easily that disturbed.
⋄The nickname, Razor was given to him by the man who recruited him.
⋄He has Photophobia
⋄ As weird as it gets, he is very dense and when he asked someone to write what they are trying to say, he points his hand blade on them, regardless if they are safe or a threat.

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