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[RosetteA]: Chung, Harumi [Creative Arts] by Mielluu [RosetteA]: Chung, Harumi [Creative Arts] by Mielluu

Last Teacher Finally //sighs
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◊Chung, Harumi Sakuraba

◊117 years old

◊Female || ♀

◊April 8th, 1896

♕Blood type:

◊Sorceress (formerly human)

◊5’5 || 115.5 lbs.

◊Pentacle Key

Imperium Artes et Graphices
-Harumi has the ability to summon/create and control any sort of things she draw in paper or from her Magica Penna. This skill mostly relies in her speed and most importantly her imagination. Harumi may chose to summon her creation through (a.) Draw it on ordinary paper and pen or any media and utter a life breathe spell or (b.) Draw it using her magical pen.

Mirror Image
Creating a replica of herself or anyone she knows to fool people. Though this can entirely copy the physical property and behavior/personality of a particular person, it is not able to replicate the powers owned by them.

Beast Summoning
Summoning any sort of beast. monster or demons through her imagination on paper. Like the description on her powers in general it will rely in her imagination and speed and as well as in her focus and concentration

Costruzione Machina
Constructing plans and actual machines to aid her in sorts. Prior this time, Harumi can create replicas of normal household appliances but can also create ships, cars and airplanes.

Fantasia Eternales
Said to be Harumi's ace card. The Fanatsia Eternales is the final ability set of Imperium Artes et Graphices. It takes effect where the user invades the psyche of the target and creates a fantasy world through the user artifacts (Penna Magica) where the user traps the mental aspect of his/her target. Victims are said to be trapped inside the world of art, inside a painting.

Conditions: Her powers effectivity relies on her imagination and speed. Also in addition, the strength of her summon also affects her as well. The more powerful the summon, the more restraining it is for Harumi.

♕Combat Ability:
◊Haru is not the combatant type of character. But her magics are rather strong. She usually tends to fight from the back and support those on front by her long range magic and cunning intelligences.

◊Her Magic is flexible
◊Is a strong back up resort
◊Large Magic endurance

◊Her summons affect her in many ways
◊Her magic is rather restraining and causes her to fall into fatigue if over used

◊very appreciative
◊Kind and sweet
◊A bit childish
◊Energetic and Hyperactive

◊Drawing and painting
◊Visiting art galleries
◊Art Appreciation
◊Doing critiques

◊Art and Music
◊Sweaters and cool weather
◊Fashion and clothes
◊Spring and flowers

◊When she is out of paint and other art materials
◊Noise and other sort of disturbances

◊Creative Arts

◊Painter || Musician

◊Harumi is born on April 8, 1896 in Tokyo, Japan. Her family is known in their exemplary artistic skills both in visual arts and music and is notable throughout the said country. She grows up bearing the expectations of her family.

At the age of 17, Harumi is invited to attend École des Beaux-Arts, one of the art school's in France. Her parents later on agreed and send her in there. Unknown to them, a threat of war is already been brewing up between the Allies and the Central Powers. 1914, the war breaks in. Harumi is forced out to hide underground in Paris, France. A year later, The Japanese Government decides to evacuate any nationals that are trapped in the war zone. Harumi is one of those people who are lucky enough to have the opportunity to escape, but it didn't turn out that well. She died in a plane crash after a war plane bombard their ship with missiles in the belief it was an enemy ship.

Her body is afloat the sea for a few days until found out by a woman. The woman's name was Ice Rosette. Ice decides to take the body of Harumi to her abode and revives her through an elixir and as well as giving her a a magical ability. When Harumi wakes up, Ice Rosette tells her everything that has happen that she has died and is given another life and magical powers. Harumi decides later on to stay in Portia together with witches and warlocks to practice the ability that is given on her and promise Ice Rosette to pay her in her kindness when the time comes.

Years later, and Harumi hears the news about Ice Rosette's retirement and that she is replaced by her daughter, Jeweline. Harumi decides to take a visit to the Academy, and then surprisingly found out that they need an Art teacher. She humbly asks Jeweline, the headmistress if she could take the position which the headmistress accepts without any hesitation.

During her stay in Rosette, she meets Professor Chung and eventually got engaged with him. They later on decided to marry each other and are blessed with a twin. Zane retired from teaching after having a family to take care of the kids while Haru continued teaching up to current time.


♕Fun Facts:
◊She acts like a teenager and would often times mingle with the students in Rosette.
◊She has the habit of wearing the academy uniform to fool out the students so they may think she is one of them.
◊She is sort of girly and bubbly and likes to play games with the students in the academy. She also has the tendency to play out pranks on them
◊She is married to Zane Chung and has twins as children. Her husband is a former Rosette Professor but retired after their marriage.

◊Chung, Zane: Husband
Ice Rosette: Teacher/Sensei
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U-HaveCat2bKitten-Me Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
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