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[RosetteA]: Iza-nyun by Mielluu [RosetteA]: Iza-nyun by Mielluu
Yah know, I am admin so it's a pain having to draw a lot of OCs including the teacher apps. Well, this one is pretty old and just don't stare too much on it it will burn your eyes.

I still have like 4 more to do. but yeah, I'm so slow these days ahaha.

I Roleplay via:

=Skype: Pyo-chama
=sometimes; on DA Chat

◊Luna, Arisa Therese

♚Student Council Position:

◊Literature and Modern Arts Club

◊16 years old

◊Female || ♀

◊13th November 2035

♚Blood Type:

◊Angelus || Class: Valkyria

◊Grey Rose

◊Key of Gaia (3rd Tier)- Her attained key from her father, Charzen used for teleportation from Earth to Rosette.

◊Key of Eden (3rd Tier)- She got this from the school faculty after she was examined having Valkyria Blood. She doesn't use this however and is only reserved for special purposes.

◊Parallel's World Key (Special)- She got this after she got her seat back from the student council. Although she is not participating in Jeweline's Games like Rain, she got this key. It's not yet proven if whether she got this from Jeweline or from Supremo S. The Parallel's key works similar to summoning circles but calls forth the user's twin from different dimensions and time skips.

◊Kagami Tsuki (Thermodynamic-enhanced Cryokenesis)- An enhanced ability of combined Water, Wind and Earth Elements that can freeze anything in contact; with an exception of fire and lightning elements. The combined property of cryogenics, crystallization and thermodynamics is said to be fire immune and can only be melted slightly upon contact. The user is also said to be shock proof due to the Ionic bonding of crystal structures making it over-power lightning itself. Kagami Tsuki can repel physical damages and minimal magic attacks. It is a form of Creation-type of Magic which also enables the user to create numerous substances in form of ice and crystals.
◊Korihime- The ability to manipulate and create ice and crystal structures. It is the foremost basic on the Kagami Tsuki ability chain which allows the user to crystallize her enemies down to cellular level and create weapons and structures out of ice and crystals.

◊Kori hari- the Spear Hailstorm allows the user to summon giant spears of ice from the sky in 3-minute duration. The hailstorm covers an area of 10-meters and causes random explosions around the area. During the casting time, the user is not allowed to move from the ground and is only applicable in use if the user stands on solid ground.

◊Makyo Hosho- The Kaleidoscope is a type of ability that hides the user through hundreds of mirrors and allows her to attack back in forth. User can also clone herself using the mirrors. This ability can be used effectively if target is in close range and can only last in 5-minutes.

◊Hakukukage Horo- Freezes down all the moisture in the air to create armor or structure (including an ice dragon) that can freeze and numb anything that would dare touch it. User casting range is said to be slow.

◊Frost Phase- Allows the user to teleport into a nearby distance at around 10-meters, causing 2 meter damage on both ground traveled. This ability can also slow down targets/enemies movements and casting speeds by 2-seconds.

◊Absolute Zero- Summons an illusionary field of ice in a 15-meter radius under the 0◦ Kelvin scale. It is said to be the deadliest Kagami ability that can freeze down everything under the casting range. All things affected in the spell will eventually decay through melting and the user will suffer under cryogenic sleep for days, depending on how maximum it was used.

◊Valkyria Attunement- A punishment ability that can be used by a Valkyria. It’s real form and true power was yet to be unleashed and it is still unknown.

◊Thornsroad- [TBA]

◊Naginata- Normal long lance made of Earthly metals for close-range combats.
◊The Bloody Mary- A Blood scythe created from an unknown material summoned through blood. The blade is said to reconstruct itself once broken when soaked in blood. True potential is unknown and the user's unaware of it's existence

♚Combat Ability:
◊Arisa is an all-around fighter that can manage in any range of combat. Her specialty however, is defensive play and relies on heavy artillery force for offense. Her fighting immobility is her greatest weakness as her abilities requires her to stay put on a particular place when casting off a wide-area spell.

◊Adept Magical accuracy and Knowledge
◊Strong magic damage and physical defense
◊Fast regeneration rate
◊Lightning Immunity

◊Extreme temperature and pressure can affect her casting speed, spells and regeneration rate
◊Her speed and agility is in normal borderline
◊Most of her spells makes her unmovable thus makes her an easy target for a snipers
◊anti-magic abilities

◊Innocent and Polite but has a strict and formal aura in her(first impression)
◊Persistent and Dedicated
◊Bossy and somewhat aggressive
◊Likes competition and prefers to be on top
◊Extremely moody and indecisive
◊Gets jealous easily and insecure
◊Very energetic
◊Cold and hostile and likes to bully people
◊Very very devious and clever and has manipulative and cunning instincts
◊Two Faced
◊Magically skilled and knowledgeable, but pretends to be dense.

◊Writing Fiction and poetry
◊Crafting and painting
◊Bullying people (especially boys)
◊Eating almost anything edible
◊Cooking meals and baking desserts
◊Reading any sort of educational materials
◊Hanging out in the music room and sing with Rain
◊Collecting Novels and old Newspapers with interesting headlines
◊Cosplaying and collecting nendoroids

◊Food (any kind of food)
◊Strawberry flavored food
◊Books and reading materials
◊Plush Toys and Teru-Teru Bozus
◊Being on top of her class
◊Cats and other small animals

◊Extremely pathetic males who think they are the most beautiful beasts the Earth ever had.
◊Extremely pathetic guys who stalks a girl and harasses the girl just to have a girlfriend
◊Those people, who disrespect her friends, harm Rain-rain and the other girls.
◊Being labeled as ‘Cute’ or ‘Moe’
◊Overly irritating beings who think their lives are very sad and should be treated with special care.
◊Losing in competitions and in anything

◊White Arts
◊Black Arts
◊Elemental Arts- Ice
◊Creative Arts
◊Physical Education

♚Personal Quote/s:
◊ “People will always have something to say. What they think about you is their problem.”
◊ “Hello, nyun . . .”
◊ “Success is always between want you want and what you wanna be.”

◊. . . something was missing.

Iza was born living in a small cozy laboratory with a doctor named Strauss taking care of her. Strauss is a doctor and a scientist, but his real talent is being a skilled alchemist. Strauss took care of Iza and has shown fondness on her because he used to have a child but never got the chance to see his baby born. Once in a week, Strauss would let her stroll and play with the other kids in the nearby orphanage.

. . .they came in knocking we were running and I am afraid.

She was only 5 years old when an unexpected incident happened. A fire broke out from the orphanage and slowly eats the nearby structures in its flames. Strauss was in the middle of panic, but what seemed worst was the coming of the police who accused him for wrong scientific practices and setting up the fire. He abandoned the laboratory along with Iza having only a few things at hand.

. . .A family.

Strauss realized that he cannot raise the child properly if he continued to hide in concealment from the police so he decided to leave Iza in his old friend behind. His old friend named Charzen was once his partner in developing modern alchemy but left the practice when he got married. Charzen was said to work in a scholastic institution as a headmaster and has a 3-year old son. Strauss handed him all the info about Iza and left the later in Charzen’s care.

. . .freezing.

Charzen knew the child was not human and he had retired from that practice. However, his promise from his old friend should not be turned into vain. Charzen raised the child and taught her to use her abilities effectively. When she was around 7, Iza has complete mastery on her basic Kagami ability.

. . .In the world, where normality is a norm.

Even having inhumane abilities, Charzen tried his best to make the girl act as a normal child. He gave her basic education, allowing her to enter a school along with his best friend’s son, Xander. By that, the girl won’t feel indifferent and can mingle with any normal child along her age.

. . .

A few years had pass, and the girl grew up into a 15-year old teen ready to enter her first high school year. Charzen still wanted her to study in a normal human high school. However some twist in events happened when Rain asked her out to come with him to Rosette. After losing in a bet from him, she attended the event with him. She grew curiosity about the place where she doesn’t have to pretend, where she can be normal for having such abilities. Arisa enrolled to Rosette, along with Dethrix, the troll.

. . .

Now it has been a year since the first time she set foot in the Academy. Serving as the current Academy treasurer, the other students acknowledge her industry and determination making her as the academy’s top student from the previous semester.

◊Inoue, Marina: [link] || Yozora, Mikazuki

♚Fun Facts:
◊Her hair turns white when she use high tier magic abilities.
◊Unknown, the alchemy modified Cryokenesis also allows her to freeze fire and time, but she is unaware of this.
◊She can use her "Other" ability only if she summons her scythe, which she haven't figured out how to.
◊Her hair changes from varying color of very light blue to white when she uses very powerful magic.
◊Her Favorite food in Cake and will agree into doing anything if you bribe her with Ichigo Milk
◊Despite being jealous on the girls who gets near Rain, she utterly convinces herself not to lose herself and tells her own that she’s the only girl he likes.
◊Her items are the dictionary and a T-square ruler to throw at people who gets on her nerves
◊She’s very empathetic to everybody and always try to help them, setting aside her own interest for it.
◊She doesn’t like hearing people judge someone else by not knowing any reason behind that person’s fault
◊As far as anybody knows, she’s the only person that could read the redundant Rain’s mind
◊Her manipulative charm can make both the Fenrir cousins move in her strings. She can even make Dethrix behave at a condition and make Rain calm for a sec in aggression.
◊She addresses Xander as his older brother but they don’t have any blood relationship
◊She has perks in her speech and always have her sentences have “nyun”.
◊She easily becomes insecure of herself when she sees somebody make a better performance compared to her.

Fenrir, Rain Lorenz: Boyfriend, Team Partner
Cross, Alexander: Adoptive Brother, former Fiance
Tsukino, Dia: Twin Sister, Abyss Level 3 Warden
Maria: Parallel's World Thanatos Summon
Tsukihashi, Azumi: Parallel's World Gaia Summon

Iza-nyun belongs to me.
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Callum J R
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