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June 4, 2013
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[RosetteA]: Nightshade Evangeline [Cipher] by Mielluu [RosetteA]: Nightshade Evangeline [Cipher] by Mielluu


◊Nightshade, Evangeline

◊300+ Earth Years || Appearance; 11 years old

◊Female || ♀

◊October 25th 1757

♕Blood type:


◊4’8” || 87.5 lbs.

◊Key of Thanatos

◊Biblion Divinica- A heightened memory ability that allows the user to use telepathy, infiltrate a person’s psyche and erase a corresponding memory as well as overwrite and copy someone else’s reminiscence.
◊Lexicon Memorium
◊Memorium Infiltrare
◊Archive Biblion

◊Arcana Tarroco- is corresponding contract ability with the Major Arcana Cards that allows the user to borrow certain ability in an amount of time.
◊The Fool
◊The Magician
◊The High Priestess
◊The Empress
◊The Emperor
◊The Hierophant
◊The Lovers
◊The Chariot
◊The Hermit
◊The Wheel of Fortune
◊The Hanged Man
◊The Devil
◊The Tower
◊The Star
◊The Moon
◊The Sun
◊The World

◊Heightened Physical Abilities and Senses

◊The Deck of Cards

♕Combat Ability:
◊Eva dislikes disputes and resents the will to fight. She is somehow willing to help in certain circumstances but offense and attacks are not her play. She usually use her abilities to support the one’s in front.

◊Her incomparable sharp memory.
◊Her knowledge in a wide variety of spells.
◊Her knowledge about the students and a few faculty members.
◊Her Tactics and basic battle formation knowledge
◊Her level-headedness
◊Her calm demeanor

◊She’s not a combat type and doesn’t have any reliable offense when caught without magic or her cards.
◊Her attacks relies on her cards powers
◊She can only use a certain card inside an hour and cannot summon it again in half a day.
◊The maximum card ability she can use is only 5

◊Serious and Contrary
◊Resents disputes and arguments
◊Cautious and Wary
◊Cold and emotionless

◊Spending time in the library
◊Tea Parties
◊Reading Books
◊Excursions on old Temples and civilization remnants

◊Tea and French Toasts
◊Black Kittens and Owls

◊The Sunlight
◊Summer and Hot days
◊Being labeled as a child


◊Librarian || Code Breaker, Cipher

◊Eva was born in Transylvania, Romania in the year 1757. Her family was a well-known Vampire family, having his father as a duke and owns a large area of land and hunting grounds. During that time, Vampires are hated by humans because of their blood sucking tendencies, so as, the family decided to reach the farther section of the Transylvania premise having the forest area as their hunting ground for food.

Her Father was a known idealist. At that period, he wished for both the humans and the vampires to coexist and live in peace. He formed in various negotiations with the humans to make his ideals into reality. However, everything didn’t turned out the way it wanted when a powerful witch attack Transylvania.

Almost everything was wiped out, only a few remaining remnants were held survived. The Duke died as well as Eva’s two brothers. With her mother’s help, Eva was able to escape to Thanatos along with the other survivors of the family.

Two years afterwards, as the remaining family members rose up slowly in their new place in Thanatos. Eva found a reasonable work in a nearby post office as a decipherer of codes. While looking around in some of her things, Eva discovered an old book inside his mother’s attaché case. Curious, she opened it and discovered it was a spell book indented for psyche purposes. She later on decided to learn spells from it, eventually enhancing her abilities day by day.

Six months later, Eva retired from her work. Having enough money to start an excursion, she decided to venture out on other dimensions to enhance her magic abilities. Along with a few people with her, she was able to reach the land of the witches, Portia. As they were looking around the place, they stumbled upon strange looking remains of an old temple. Eva, curiously diverge in and discovered a huge crate in the very bottom of the temple. Warily, she opened it and discovered a deck of cards.

“Are you longing for power?”

A voice suddenly disrupts her curiosity. Eva spoke back, saying she will agree in various conditions. The cards offered her their power, in exchange of her being turned back into a child forever. Eva turned in hesitant at first, but thinking about the witch who nearly destroyed her family she agreed.
When she returned back to her comrades, she found nothing. She searched anywhere but cannot find anyone. Soon, she discovered a lump of skeletons nearby. In her intuition in the form of bones, it was depicted that they had already passed away, leaving her alone in Portia.

It was not long enough when she realized that the time functioned differently in the temple abyss compared into reality. She discovered that she had already been away for 5 decades for it was only been 5 hours in her time. She was left in wandering in the land of Portia, until a good witch took her in.

. . . the witch’s name is Ice Rosette.

When the witch decided to create a world that will connect all dimensions, Rosette Academy, Eva decided to lend her abilities to help the school and the students. She was one of the notable old teachers in the school. This is the 2nd term of Eva teaching under the rule of Headmistress Cabrelli, Ice’s daughter and she is pretty much aware of her “games” yet refuses to join in.

♕Fun Facts:
◊She has Arachnophobia, fear of spiders.
◊She holds her hair very dear to her and dislikes it when people touch it.
◊She hates her childish appearance and wishes for her true for to comeback, however, her contract with the Major Arcana disallows it.
◊She gets insulted when the students mistaken her as a child.
◊She hates it when the library is at mess or the books are torn and tumbled down.

Chrono, Dethrix: Helper, Student Assistant
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Eva Nightshade:

Proves the fact that Dynn writes Character info: TL;DR

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